Winning Strategies for Sic Bo Players

A wonderful thing about the game of sic bo is that it is open to many different playing styles. The fact is that, like other table games such as craps and roulette, sic bo has a wide array of wagers that players can make with varying risks. So, players can easily define what types of risks they are willing to face and then go for the betting strategy that coincides with that allowable risk.

We'll look at three degrees of risks and the strategies that work on them as they apply to the game of sic bo. We'll deal with a low risk strategy, then going further into a medium risk strategy, even further to a high risk sic bo strategy.

Let's begin with a sic bo low risk strategy. If you would like to play the game safely and avoid exposing your bankroll to huge risks in the game of sic bo then we should make our wagers with the ones that have the lowest house edges in the game. The lowest sic bo house edge is at 2.78% and coincides with the small and big bets and combination bets.

If you're the type of player who wouldn't want to take big risks then stick to betting either small or big. The idea behind this sic bo strategy is to stick with these two bets and make your money out of them. Judge the results of your wagers and then make your bets accordingly.

Another safe bet you can make is a combination bet. This is betting on two specific numbers on the sic bo layout. The house edge for this sic bo wager is 2.77%.

If you're the type of gambler who is looking for chunkier wins then you should take a few more risks than the players who are playing safely, then you should try a medium-risk sic bo strategy. You should then mix and match different bets to cover an array of different probable results. The risk here is that you might stand to lose as much as four times your original bet when you play low risk.

An example of this would be to bet three units on either nine or 12 and then two units on either double one, five and six, or double one, two, and six. There are other wagers that you can mix with other wagers in sic to make good medium-risk betting strategy.

The high risk sic bo strategy will work like the medium risk strategy only that you try to win on multiple bets and make multiple returns on high-risk wagers. An example is to bet on 13, 12, nine, eight, and doubles and add ways to win twice as much on a single round. An example would be to bet two units on double one, two, and three and three units on eight. You hope to win up to 51 units for this sic bo wager.

Choose a sic bo strategy that has risks acceptable to you. Players have a wide set of options in this wonderful game.